The importance of backups

Backups can be critical to success and operating on a day-to-day basis. I am working on a solution to managing backups for many systems.

Why should you care about backups?

Backups can make or break you when you need to recover from a system[s]-wide event, not including ransomware or loss of hardware. Cloud service providers like Google and Microsoft backup your data incase it gets lost or hardware dies. You probably keep everything on a computer, and maybe in "cloud storage" somewhere. (A note on "cloud storage:" the cloud is just someone else's computer that you are using.)

What if you loose access to your computer as in it gets lost or stolen? Or your hard drive dies?


I am in the middle of creating a program that you configure, using a file, and possibly a user interface via a web browser.

I call it Backy, and it is basically a wrapper around the shell, and will also be able to shell execute commands on a remote server over SSH. I aim for it to be an extension of shell scripts for backups, which you can also run using Backy, such as on a remote server. I am just starting out, and no where near completion.

There are solutions for less-techy people, or people who don't want to bother with the command-line, some of which may be found here and here.


Check the code here. I am open to suggestions.

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My name is Andrew, also known as CyberShell. I am in college studying cybersecurity.


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